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torrents on Flickr.

Weird, This photo has suddenly had 5,500 views on flickr. My old pro account would have been able to tell me where the traffic was coming from, but now i have no clue.

Kelvingrove Frost on Flickr.

oh whit. I’ve not posted in years. here’s a negative I scanned today. Kelvingrove Glasgow on a brilliant crisp day last winter.

Falkirk High Tunnel on Flickr.

holidays. yaldy.

Cumbrae on Flickr.

Bike rides are pretty great

Argyle ST Posers on Flickr.

I bought a digital point and shoot for the first time in 10 years, replacing my old fuji e500 which I’ve not used in aeons as its battery life was terrible. Only having film point and shoots was very limiting in practicality as was only having a digital slr. so I bought this wee Nikon p310. from work on the cheap and I’m pretty impressed with the results.


Check these two posers on Argyle Street the other day.

Hunterstone on Flickr.

boat on Flickr.


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bmx on Flickr.

pretending to be cool is a hobby of mineā€¦.

Summer in the city… on Flickr.

One benefit of being a camera salesman is i get to play with a lot of the latest cameras. Here’s a cool water spray thing which is cooling a recently demolished pile of rubble. photo taken on a lumix gx1 .